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I understand that you have all kinds of questions, because Miracles by Stella is a new brand. I like to be completely transparent with you. That’s why I’ve listed all the ingredients, explaining what they’re for. There is nothing superfluous in Miracles, everything in them works for you and your skin.

On this page I have compiled the most frequently asked questions and answers, for your convenience. Should you have any other question, please visit my contact page to ask me directly. I will answer you with love!

What do you mean by the term ‘natural skin care’?

Natural skincare contains only natural ingredients. Natural ingredients come from nature, which means they are not made synthetically in a laboratory. The substance is then artificially produced and can (!) have the same composition as a natural substance. However, this certainly does not mean that it has the same value and qualities. There is a lot of confusion about what the term ‘natural’ actually means. Many products that are called ‘natural’ contain synthetic preservatives or other artificial ingredients (e.g. for spreadability) that, in our view, can harm your health or the environment. That is why I work with the labels NCS vegan and ECOcontrol that shows that Miracles by Stella are truly natural products. The producer I work with also guarantees this, they only work with brands that use 100% natural ingredients.

Where are the products of Miracles by Stella made?

Our products are produced by a manufacturer that specializes in natural cosmetics, in the Netherlands. I find this very important, to have short communication lines with each other and I know that I act under the same legislation. Made in Holland so Miracles by Stella… is a purely Dutch product.

What about the perfume and the preservation in the Miracles, is this natural?

Yes, the perfume used for the Miracles is a mixture of natural essential oils. So no synthetic fragrances are used. And yes, all the preservatives used in the Miracles are 100% natural as well. There is a system of natural preservatives, in the smallest possible amount to work with. I don’t like anything superfluous.

Are the Miracles vegan & animal friendly?

Yes, all Miracles are produced without animal testing and are 100% vegan. This means that the products do not contain any animal elements. They also contain no synthetic additives, as you can see with many other vegan products. The basis of the product-line is aromatherapy and the power of herbs.

Where can I find the ingredients of the Miracles in normally readable terms?

Unfortunately I have to mention the terms in Latin on the packaging and they are too small to give any further explanation. At the different product pages in the shop, you can find all the ingredients in normally readable English and their explanation as well. I want to be completely transparent and help you make your choices even more conscious.

Why are natural cosmetics more expensive than regular cosmetics?

Our natural cosmetics are made of very high quality pure & vegan ingredients, which are extremely rich in active ingredients, making them much more powerful and effective. However, these top-quality ingredients are very expensive and moreover, these quality products are produced on a small scale. This difference in quality is therefore reflected in the price of the product.

How long is the shelf life?

Unopened Miracles have a shelf life of 36 months, thanks to a system of natural preservatives. When opened, you can use the facial creams and deodorant for about 4 to 6 months on average, depending on how economical you are of course. The packaging ensures optimal shelf life and economy. A sustainable choice.

How many times a day do I use the Miracles?

The Enjoy your Day Cream is best used in the morning after cleansing the skin, the Good Night Cream in the evening, after cleansing the skin. The Fresh New Day Deodorant preferably once a day, preferably in the morning, after your shower to feel fresh all day.

How much should I use for proper functioning?

Our products are very economical to use, so you can use them for up to 4 to 6 months. The packaging contributes to this, the airless dispensers ensure that you can use the creams to the last drop. And also the deodorant stick allows you to use the whole stick. From the Enjoy Your Day Cream and the Good Night Cream you only need 1 pump to take good care of your entire face. With the Fresh New Day Deodorant you can easily apply a few light strokes under your armpit to feel fresh all day long. There’s no point in using more, it only leaves stains in your clothing. By the way, those stains go out of your cloths just fine in the washing machine. So don’t worry!

What herbs are used in the Miracles?

The Miracles contain various herbal extracts, including calendula, lavender, geranium, green tea, roses, mint, sage and aloe vera. On the different product-pages you can see exactly what is in what and what it’s for.

Are the Miracles sustainable and ecologically responsible?

Yes, the sustainability of the brand is implemented in everything, including the packaging, I have chosen polypropylene because of its good recyclability. Our packaging ensures that you can use the product for as long as possible. I want to leave as small a footprint as possible (ecologically responsible), that’s why I have chosen not to work with printed labels and outer boxes. These are only thrown away. I also didn’t make samples in sachets, I think this burdens the environment unnecessarily. In the future I do have in mind to offer mini packaging, which are reusable.

Do you have creams available from Miracles especially for older skin?

No Miracles by Stella does deliberately not have any special versions for older or younger skin, it serves all skin types. Stella’s vision, and mine too, is that I like – through this purely natural skin care line – to appeal to the skin’s self-regulating capacity. Because of this, I do not differentiate between skin types. Usually it is mainly marketing to differentiate between different skin types, I do not want to participate in that. I like to be honest in our communication and with my products!

Are the Miracles also suitable for a sensitive skin?

Yes, our Miracles work very well for sensitive and eczema skin. Due to the pure oils, essential oils of lavender & geranium and herbal extracts of chamomile, calendula and green tea, they have a calming, nurturing and restorative effect on the skin. Feel free to read the reviews of enthusiastic customers.

Are the Miracles suitable for men and women?

Yes, the Miracles are for both men and women. For young and old. I love to include not exclude. Even the fragrances of all Miracles are unisex. I have many male customers, especially the deodorant is popular. The deodorant is also very popular among adolescents! “Sickly good” is what it’s called.

Are the packages of Miracles BPA free?

Yes, all packaging is made of polypropylene, which is a very recyclable material and BPA free! Our goal is to go for a healthy skin and a healthy body, so for us it goes without saying that I carry out this mission in everything.

Why is there alcohol in the Miracles?

There is no alcohol added, but alcohol is listed as a component of the natural herbal extracts added for efficacy. Read more about the use of alcohol in cosmetics here (in Dutch).

Will there be more Miracles added to the range in the future?

Yes, more Miracles will be added in the future. With our limited budget after the crowdfunding campaign, I had to choose which products to launch first. The next products will probably be cleaning products, in order to be able to offer an even more complete line. If you have any ideas about what kind of products you would like to see in the product range, feel free to contact me! I am always open for suggestions. And thinking along with nice productnames is always welcome!

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