Love your skin yourself

“A very nice gentle facial soap. My skin became visibly more beautiful and calm.”

“I am very satisfied with the products. Really recommend it.”

“Very nice lotion for after the cleansing with the soap, absorbs immediately, after which you can use your cream. Good dosing pump with just enough dispensing. Pleased with it!”

100% natural facial creams, roselotion, facial soap and deodorant – your skin is greatful!


The main ingredient is love, as in all Miracles by Stella products. You can feel it immediately!

100% natural

Due to the mild and natural form of cleansing, your skin does not dry out, but rather nourishes it!


All Miracles are deeply nurturing through the addition of essential oils, the base of the line


These Miracles will last for 4-6 months. Good for the environment & your wallet, that’s sustainable!

“Very nice lotion for after cleansing with the soap, absorbs right away, after which you can use your cream. Good dispensing pump with just enough dispensing. Pleased with it!”

“For a few years now I have been using the Fresh Day Deosticks, these are in a word great! Never bothered by perspiration again!”

“Very fine cream. Spreads well, smells nice (neutral scent) and moisturizes well. The natural ingredients are also a big plus for me. Highly recommended!”

This is not just any soap, this is the first 100% natural and vegan facial soap with unique 2-phase action to gently cleanse & care for your face: the Lushious Facial Soap, with apricot kernel oil & shea butter, among others.

The 2-phase action works as follows: first it gently cleanses your face & as you continue to massage, the oil is released and provides high-quality care. The facial soap consists of 9 high-quality organic oils & 2 butters (shea butter & cocoa butter) carefully & lovingly selected that together work optimally for you.

The soap is regreasing which means that your own important body fats are preserved. This ensures that your skin does not dry out. In fact, the soap adds oil. The effect: a clean and super soft skin.

This really is the very best that Mother Nature has to offer.

Go for a loving & complete cleansing of your face!

natuurlijke gezichtszeep met zeepbakje

Apricot seed oil





The best nature has to offer

Bundel Pluk de Dag Crème en Goede Nacht Crème

With Damascus rose


Mango oil



Treat yourself to two purely natural creams that will leave your skin glowing like never before! One day cream that nourishes and cares for your skin during the day and one night cream that leaves your skin refreshed & enriched! Well cared for all day long!

Both natural and vegan creams work deeply and stimulate the skin’s self-regulating ability, which is why they are suitable for all skin types. Imperfections melt away like snow in the sun. And for the blissful scent we have added Damascus rose, if you smell them you are sold.

Go for a loving start to your day and night!

Our Pure Rose Lotion is a 100% natural lotion to gently care for your face and consists of 99.99% organic pure rose water from the Bulgarian Damascus Rose plus a little (natural) preservative.

You won’t find anything more pure than this!

This wonderful distillate makes your pores close again after cleansing and contains antioxidants, reduces redness and irritation, has an antibacterial effect and is hydrating & nourishing for your sensitive facial skin. In short, this lotion completes your cleansing routine and gets your skin ready for your day or night cream.

Go for a loving & complete care of your face!

100% Pure Rose Lotion

Damascus Rose

100% natuurlijke deodorant zonder aluminium





Coconut oil

The Fresh New Day Deodorant is our bestseller and lives up to its name. This natural deodorant stick is purely natural & vegan – with mint and sage – and really does keep you fresh all day, even when you’re doing lots of sport. It absorbs sweat easily, takes care that you smell fresh and nourishes the sensitive skin of your armpits by adding essential oils.

Of course this deodorant doesn’t contain aluminium and is anti-allergic (there is no Tea Tree in it). For m/f. Yes even adolescents love it!

Treat yourself to a natural deodorant, one that works and cares for your sensitive underarm skin!

Miracles by Stella

“Don’t put anything on your skin that you can’t eat”

♥ 100% honest, natural and vegan skincare
♥ Full of (organic) essential oils & delicious smell
♥ Super economical in use
♥ Good for your skin & the planet
♥ Sustainable, handmade & socially responsible

A brand with a heart!

Stella en Judith

healthy & cared for from head till toe

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