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Stella’s story

Pure nature, in all its forms, is what I stand for. Mankind and nature are one and so beautiful and complete of themselves. I am therefore convinced that we as human beings never need to get short of anything. Everything is already present in ourselves or in nature. Just as a healthy body needs natural nutrition, the skin needs natural skincare!

Already in my twenties I came into contact with natural nutrition to better serve my sensitive body. At the end of the 90’s I started to immerse myself in natural skincare by studying Aromatherapy. My passion became my own therapy and from this research and experience my life’s mission was born: to develop natural care products and make them accessible to as many people as possible. I named my company ‘Miracles by Stella’ because I experienced at first hand which miracles can happen when you choose for pure nature. During the process of development and experimentation, my skin became visibly younger, my smile more intense and I felt ever happier.

This was because I realized that for the first time in my life I was starting to love myself… For a long time I felt like a caterpillar, knowing that I also had that butterfly inside me. With the development and growth of Miracles by Stella, I transformed from that caterpillar into a butterfly. From that moment on I wanted nothing more, than to share my happiness and love!

Pure love from Stella

PS Would you rather listen? Then click here to hear Stella for yourself, she likes to explain why she started her Miracles and why the butterfly is such an important symbol for her (in Dutch):

Judith’s story

My mother has introduced me to purely natural products since I was a child. She was always trying to provide me with food that was as healthy as possible. And I liked it, I remember that well. In my adolescence she started experimenting with making skincare products and of course I was her guinea pig. Persevering as my mother was, she continued until her ‘recipe’ was perfect.

When she was 59, after some encouragement from me, she started her own business. She started making purely natural products again, she even made them to fit someone’s wishes. The current product names were invented, a beautiful logo (with a butterfly) was created and so the brand was born. She got more and more customers, people told each other how nice the products were in use.

As the amount of clients exceeded her capacity, we started looking for a producer and a distributor together. We chose the 3 favorites of her customers to have them produced. Unfortunately she became very ill at the end of 2015, it turned out to be metastasized breast cancer. Her health came first, we hoped for a long time that she would get better. From the spring of 2017 it became clear that that was not going to happen, she asked me if I wanted to take over her business and YES I did. My mother died in August 2017. Luckily she lives on in her Miracles, she is still spreading love though them. And I am not alone, feel her love and her guidance very strong!

What I find so special is that with every bit of energy she had, my mother made her ‘Miracles’ right up to the very end. It was really her passion. For me this brand stands for pure love, love for yourself, by taking good, natural care of your skin. Miracles by Stella is love in a jar! That’s my motivation to make this brand great!

I started the line through a massive crowdfunding campaign through CrowdAboutNow. For the first few years, I need regular crowdfunding to build the brand and expand the line. Fortunately, Miracles by Stella has many enthusiastic followers who are happy to contribute.

Pure love from Judith

I hope of course that you are as enthusiastic about our Miracles as I am. I use them every day with a lot of love, it benefits my skin visibly. Spread the love!

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