Ordering & shipping

If you order before 12pm, your order (within the Netherlands, Wadden area excluded) will be beautifully packed & shipped the same day and you will have your Miracles the next working day at home, this is done by PostNL. If you order between 4pm and 12pm, your package will be delivered the next working day after 5pm, with Trunkrs, a sustainable supplier who uses drivers who drive that route anyway. We love that! The standard shipping costs within the Netherlands are € 7.95 for orders under € 45. For other countries a surcharge applies. As soon as an order is shipped you will receive an email with a Track & Trace code so you can track your order yourself.

1. Costs
The shipping costs in the Netherlands are always € 7.95 if the order is under € 45, -. To other countries there is a surcharge. Before you pay you will always see what the shipping costs are.

2. Environmentally friendly packaging
There are no packaging costs. The products are sent in recycled packaging, because this is better for the environment. You may be able to tell by looking at the box that it has been reused. The green filling material is also environmentally friendly. It is made of corn and is biodegradable. You may therefore put it in the organic waste. The foams even dissolve in water. Sometimes these foams are reused when possible. Miracles by Stella not only sells pure nature & vegan products, but also likes to ship them in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

3. Gifts!
Do you order a gift for someone else at Miracles by Stella? Simply have Miracles wrapped as a wonderful gift in the webshop, normally for € 1.99 per package, now even for free. You can even send this gift directly to the recipient, how easy is that?

4. Shipping date
Orders are shipped every business day. Not on Saturdays. If you placed your order before 12pm it will be shipped the same day. In the exceptional case that the product cannot be shipped the same or next day, you will be notified by e-mail with the new shipping date. Do you want to cancel in the meantime? That is always possible! The amount already paid will be refunded to you.

5. Receipt
When you receive the package depends on the shipping company we work with. Usually it is the next day. You will receive a track and trace code as soon as possible after shipping, so you can follow the package yourself and see when it will be delivered to you. Usually the mail is there in 1 day after it was sent, but remember that PostNL does not deliver on Sundays.

6. Damaged or never arrived?
Did you receive the product damaged or the package never arrived? Miracles by Stella will solve it for you! Please CONTACT us so I can offer you a fitting solution.

Returning / returning

The law calls it “right of rescission” but we just call it returning or returning. Have you received a product, but it is not what you expected, then you may return it. To be honest, we prefer not to do that because it costs packaging and handling again. We are very aware of the CO2 emissions in the production and shipment of online orders. That’s why we chose not to make returns free. Instead of passing shipping costs on to you as a customer (so it seems free), we like to keep prices fair and do charge a return fee. This way we invited you to order consciously.

At Miracles by Stella we want happy customers. If you are not happy, just file a complaint and you will get your money back. You may also return a product if you do not like it. We will then simply return your money. For the return you pay the usual shipping costs. We do everything to inform you in advance, so you know what you buy, so you have – if it is good – nothing to return. We prefer happy customers!

1. Not good – money back!
Yes, you read that right. At Miracles by Stella, if you really don’t like a product you can file a complaint and we will give you your money back. Not good – money back.

2. Return within 30 days
Within 30 days you may return anything. You have to pay the shipping costs for returning the item. In case of a complaint, you will simply get your money back.

3. Reason for returning
We do like to hear why you want to return something, who knows it might be something we can take with me for the future or learn something from. Then sending it back is not for nothing.

4. How can you return something?
If you want to return something the fastest way is to send us an email with your order number, last name, the product you would like to return and the reason for returning. We will then explain how you can send the product back. We will make it as easy as possible for you.

5. Return
Make sure you send the product back in a suitable packaging so that it can’t get broken in transit. For example in the same packaging in which I sent it to you. Please return the products complete. If you have questions about shipping and how best to handle it, feel free to CONTACT me and I’ll walk you through it.

6. Return costs
We can be brief about that: you have to pay these costs, provided that it concerns a complaint. If you are really not satisfied and you want to return the product for some reason, Miracles by Stella will cover the costs. Even better: you will get a new product from me. Logical I think. Because I go for customers who love our products.

7. Money back
Once the products are returned to me, or after receiving your complaint, we will deposit your money back into your account within 10 working days. We will refund the following amounts: a) the cost of the products returned or the complaint made and b) the shipping costs, PROVIDED THAT you have returned all the products of the order in question or have filed a complaint about all the products received.

8. Abuse
We have faith in people and therefore in our customers. It’s okay to regret a purchase, a product may be disappointing. We like to make you happy and therefore am very flexible. Of course, we then also assume that you will not betray my trust. We reserve the right to refuse customers in the future if we feel that someone is abusing our flexibility. After all, trust works both ways.

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