Oktober 2018

Category STARWOMEN: Judith Webber

Candidate 6/10 – Libelle nummer 40 Starwoman Judith: “Our product is really honest, there is no chemical ingredient involved”.

Strong women who use their Energy for Result. These are Libelle Stars. For ten weeks Libelle puts a STER in the spotlight that with her company makes the world a little nicer. Judith Webber (1975) does this with Miracles by Stella, which markets natural care products.

“My mother’s name was Stella and she started Miracles by Stella. The day before she died of metastatic breast cancer last year, she officially handed over the baton to me. It feels very honorable that I am allowed to continue her legacy in this way. That way I can keep her alive a little bit.

During her life, my mother occupied herself with natural foods and care products. Because she couldn’t find good natural creams and aluminum-free deodorants on the regular market, she decided to experiment on her own. So she came up with a complete natural line of up to 20 products, which she was able to make herself in her kitchen. But soon she had more than two hundred customers and couldn’t handle the demand. Together with her I started to professionalize everything and now I continue this with my partner Celesta, who seamlessly complements me in terms of substantive knowledge. As a result, the first four products of the care line, three creams and a deodorant are now on the market.

Don’t put anything on your skin that you can’t eat’, was my mother’s motto. The cosmetics and food industry claims so often that products are natural, but often that’s not true at all. Celesta and I want to make people aware of that. Miracles by Stella is really honest, we don’t use any chemical ingredients.

Since I use the creams myself, I notice that the condition of my skin has improved. The oily T-zone I had has even completely disappeared. We also get very positive reactions from customers. If they have skin problems, our products are regularly the only ones they can tolerate.

I would like to make the company as big as possible and also enter the international market. I’m incredibly proud that I can extend my mother’s love even further, she has put her soul & bliss into this recipe and that is tangible. I really add value to the world this way. Love in a jar I like to call it”.

Source: Libelle by Merel Brons

PS there could be voted until November 30th via www.libelle.nl/ster. On December 3, the presentation took place in the Libelle Nieuwscafé in The Hague led by Erica Terpstra. Unfortunately Judith did not win. But as Erica said: “Each of you is a winner, because you make the world a little nicer every day! And so it is!

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