Lovely reviews

Of course we love happy customers, among others these customers (m/f) preceded you:

“Some people don’t understand when I say I want skin care that makes me happy. I’ve been looking for a while. Sometimes it does its job but it didn’t make me happy. That ‘happy’ certainly has to do with the smell and how it feels when I apply it. And of course it has to work. Miracles by Stella puts a smile on my face every time I use it. So I’ve found the skincare that makes me happy.”

Jacqueline van Schooten

“Since I have very sensitive skin, I went in search of natural products without chemical additives. So I ended up at ‘Miracles by Stella’ and I am still grateful for that every day. Fantastic products that I can recommend to anyone!

Simone Wijnberg

“Super products made with love and feel like love to myself. Really worth giving yourself this. It’s the only deo who does her job well for me. And Stella was great, super customer friendly and always thinking along. “Thank you for your beautiful creation, Stella.”

Nadine Schartz

“Pure nourishing products that we feel are made with heart and soul.”

Vincent Voorduin

“The Fresh New Day deodorantsticks are awesome in one word. I’ve been using them for all my entertainers for years. In addition, Stella was a fantastic lady so I give her wonderful products all findability and visibility”.

Myra de Groot Entertainment

“For years, I’ve been looking for the ideal natural deodorant. Tried everything, without the desired result. Either the product wasn’t effective or it gave me a rash. I’ve been using the Fresh New Day Deo from Miracles by Stella for a few years now and I don’t want anything else. Recommended! Thank you Stella.”

Josje de Klerk

“Just give it a try” I thought when Stella let me test her Fresh New Day Deo. I started, it worked fine and easy and I did it for a long time! Actually, it was only after that that I got to know the story and the beautiful thought behind the products. If you can’t eat it, can you put it on your skin? I once walked through my bathroom and saw that it looked like a chemistry room. It could be nicer, better, finer and above all healthier. I was over and I kept ordering. I’m glad her motto remains alive and recommend ‘Stella’s’ Miracles to everyone.”

Michiel Cobben

“I’ve been using the Fresh New Day deodorant sticks for a few years now, they’re great in one word! Never suffer from perspiration air again!”

Mika de Jong

“Delicious, honest, natural products! Very nice to use and lovingly made!”

Annemarie Arends

“With Stella’s pure products alias Miracles, I know I hold something good and reliable. Her motto will always stay with me: “Don’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t dare/can’t eat!” Initially they were prepared by Stella herself for a long time with personal attention and care in her neat kitchen. Fortunately, Stella was able to pass on her activity in a very natural way to Judith, who is driven by the same core values and who she and her team promote. Those who know Judith, know she goes and stands for purity, conscious choices and connection. I can hardly wish for a better product guarantee. Products that I give to everyone. Stella, in loving, living memory, also because of all your Miracles (including Judith), thank you!”

Patrick de Vrij

“I’ve used several of Stella’s products; the Radiant Smile Pasta, the Enjoy your Day Cream and the facial cleanser, she mad by hand. Stella also gave me a sample for the Good Night Cream. All great working and honest products, highly recommended. I went to pick them up at her place, what a sweet woman and what a passion for what she was doing. Made with so much love, thank you!”

Ivonne Hoogervorst

“The first deodorant I can stand! I don’t get a rash, it feels pleasant on my skin and the Fresh New Day deodorant has a fine scent. So I am a very satisfied customer.”

Margriet van der Horst

“I’ve tried the deodorant and I think it’s “sick good”. I didn’t sweat or smell anything. I also like that I don’t smell any deodorant odor either. I am happy!”

Julia (17)

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