Review policy Miracles by Stella

Why do we collect reviews?
The reviews on are meant to share with other customers how you experienced a product. Want to write a review? You can do so here. Super natural! Please remember the following terms and conditions while writing your review and it will come online soon.

We are committed to 100% honest reviews and therefore we deliberately do not allow the following:

  • You are not a customer of Miracles by Stella and did not buy the product from us.
    Opinions or statements that have nothing to do with how you experienced the product
    Comments only about price, shipping and the like
    Inappropriate language (for example, but not limited to: name-calling, racial slurs, diseases or slurs)
    References, URL or otherwise, to other websites. Discounts, discount websites, promotions, campaigns or price differences compared to other stores
    Commercial content and/or a commercial purpose. The reviews on this website will never be posted by people who are paid to write reviews. Also, reviews will never appear from reviewers who may keep the product in exchange for a good review.

When are reviews removed?

We may reject a review immediately after it is written or remove it afterwards.

This can happen in these cases, among others:

  • If one or more conditions are not met or if we have a reasonable suspicion of this.
  • If the review is about product information that was wrong at the time of purchase, but has since been changed. To avoid confusing customers, we may choose to remove the review.
  • When we have reason to believe the review is fake. This is because you must actually be a customer of Miracles by Stella and have actually purchased the product to be able to write a review about it.
  • A negative experience is never a reason for us to reject or delete your review. If the review meets the conditions, it will go online. No matter how negative or positive it is. Then of course we respond appropriately, after all we like to see happy customers (see also our Ordering, Shipping & Returns Policy).

How reviews are collected and displayed

Customers can only write a review about items they have actually purchased from us. This way we can be sure that reviews are written by people with experience and are 100% honest.

It is important to us that reviews give the best possible impression of our products and service. Our reviews are therefore, impartially, managed by WebwinkelKeur.

Webwinkelkeur has taken measures to ensure the authenticity of reviews. What measures are these you can read here.

Our customers are not rewarded for writing reviews. No discounts or other gifts are given.

You can write a review in 2 ways:

  1. At each item on our website or app is a review section where you can start your own review. This is only possible if you actually bought the product from us. Without an existing account you cannot leave a review.
  2. In addition, after a few weeks we invite all buyers to review the purchased product.
    We link therefore automatically and once the order data (order number and linked products) to this one-time invitation.

Reviews are never directly visible. This is because the origin and content are first checked manually. We do this check ourselves.

Review invitations by a third party

We work with third parties to collect more general reviews. These reviews are presented on this website, but are not on our servers. These are also the invitations that only actual customers can post after personal invitation (and after an actual purchase). Also this invitation is one time only.

The same conditions and rules as described above apply to these invitations and reviews.

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