Totally vegan ánd free of animal testing

30 September 2020

Did you know that if our products are 100% vegan and therefore free of animal testing at Miracles by Stella? But what is vegan cosmetics anyway? Vegan cosmetics is completely free of animal testing and free of ingredients derived from animals. You can think of gelatine or beeswax for example. These are ingredients that are often used in cosmetics. But beware: vegan products are free of animal testing, but animal testing products are certainly not always vegan. These concepts are sometimes confused. Non-animal testing cosmetics can contain animal ingredients and is therefore not necessarily vegan.

In addition, the term vegan does not mean anything about the product being good for you and your skin. There are plenty of ingredients in cosmetics that are vegan, but they are highly synthetic and do not take care of your skin. The term ‘vegan’ alone says nothing about the quality of the product.

At a glance:

  1. Cosmetics free of animal testing
  2. Vegetarian cosmetics don’t contain ingredients from dead animals (just the idea…).
  3. Vegan cosmetics are free from animal testing and contains no ingredients from dead or living animals or animal by-products (such as beeswax).
  4. Vegan ingredients in cosmetics are not necessarily good for your skin.

Our quality mark and the animal testing free logo on the back of our packaging at least give you the guarantee that you are really buying a vegan and animal testing free product! This way you can be sure that there was no animal suffering during the development of care products!

That label is good to look out for when you want to buy vegan cosmetics, which says that the product went through a strict inspection. While many other claims can be made just like that, such as ‘of course’.

In a next blog more about the terms vegan and natural. Because that’s not the same either…

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