In TROS Radar on Tuesday evening 9 November 2020 there was an extensive item on the use of endocrine disrupting substances in cosmetics, such as parabens. We, as a natural brand, are very happy with this, because these kinds of programs make you as a consumer more aware of what you buy and make you realize that we are fooled in life by advertisements. Didn’t you think that The Body Shop for example stands for purely natural products? Nothing could be further from the truth…

What are hormone disrupting substances?

Endocrine disrupting substances are substances that upset your hormone balance, even causing fertility problems and an increased risk of breast cancer. Because you put products on your skin, these substances enter your bloodstream and can cause damage to your body. It often takes a while before you notice their effects and make the link to the creams you put on daily, most people don’t. Of course, you should know…

And why is that so harmful?

Despite the fact that it is not (yet) forbidden in the Netherlands to use such ingredients, some substances are considered very worrying. For example parabens. This substance increases the shelf life of caring products and kills bacteria that try to grow within the product. And… it is cheap. That explains why this substance is used a lot.

What is a better idea?

There are also purely natural preservatives. However, they are a little more expensive. But… isn’t our health? We think so, that’s why we choose 100% pure natural (and also vegan) ingredients that work for your skin. Nothing superfluous, pure nature is more than enough!

Look back here for the relevant episode of Radar.

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