NO to microplastics

30 October 2020

Have you recently seen the tv-show ‘Keuringsdienst van Waarde’ about microplastics? Unfortunately, in the cosmetics world more value is still attached to spreadability than to how good a product really is for you… and for the environment.

Microplastics and nanomaterials do not belong in cosmetics, we think! These are substances that are far from natural, that are not good for your body and certainly not for the environment. Plastic, do you see it in front of you? No matter how small…

We say NO to microplastics

Microplastics damage organisms in the ocean and who knows what it does to our bodies. Nanomaterials damage the corals, which are important for the marine ecosystem and are easily damaged anyway.

And that while nature offers us so much beauty to take care of ourselves. So many beautiful oils and herbs that work right in front of you. That is what we like to use: the power of nature. We only use natural ingredients that work for your skin, instead of substances that (temporarily) fill wrinkles. Your skin can regulate itself, as long as you appeal to this power. And that means: don’t clog up!

Our trademark NCS stands squarely behind our vision on pure natural cosmetics. Recently they have tightened the restrictions. In this way, the standards of the NCS hallmark are a nice way to distinguish environmentally friendly, ecological products from conventional ones. Because you need an app (from Plastic Soup) to make sense of the list of ingredients in Latin. No one recognizes microplastics in it.

With this decision, the NSC quality mark supports products, such as Miracles by Stella, which are environmentally friendly! In this way you as a consumer become wiser and wiser in cosmetics, which enables you to make more conscious choices. We are happy to help you with that! Take care of yourself and nature with love!