If you switch to green cosmetics, you probably expect your skin to do well right away. And it IS that way, although it may not look like it right away. Sometimes you get some irritation at first, but that doesn’t mean you’re allergic.

This blog I like to highlight the Fresh New Day Deodorant (though the same goes for every natural deodorant).

Aluminum chloride is found in many deodorants as an anti-transparent. An anti-transparent blocks the exits of the sweat glands for a long time and thus the production of sweat. Stopping sweat may be fine for the short term, but sweating is not something you do for nothing: your body clears away toxins that you’re glad they’re out of your body and provides the necessary cooling.

Aluminium is not edible
Aluminum chloride is not natural and migrates into your body through the armpit glands, which in turn has effects on your overall health. We don’t say for nothing: ‘Don’t put anything on your skin that you can’t eat’. That’s certainly true for aluminum chloride, you wouldn’t get that into your head to eat, would you? Brrr…

The longer you’ve used synthetic deodorants with aluminum, the more the pores in your armpits are sealed. As a result, if you switch to natural deodorants, you may experience some irritation first. Red bumps under your armpits that itch, for example. These are waste products that are released. This is often seen as an allergic reaction to the deodorant, while it’s something beautiful: your body is cleaning up!

So this process is something you’d better let go, the irritation will go away by itself if you don’t use aluminum anymore. The caring essential oils care for your sensitive armpit skin very well. Give your armpits two weeks and then all waste products really should be out of your body. From that moment on, you’re going to reap the rewards…

Beste of nature

You don’t want to prevent sweating, but sweat odors do! That’s why Miracles deodorant is 100% pure and vegan and of course free of aluminum chloride. We use the essential oils of sage, peppermint and lavender as ingredients. They have a refreshing, antibacterial, purifying and calming effect.

The best of nature for your skin!

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