Regreasing soap, what the heck is that?

Refattening means that the soap is full of healthy – 100% natural and organically grown – oils – that don’t dry out your skin. The skin’s own fats are not affected, as with normal soaps. Instead, a layer of oil is added to the skin. This type of soap is also called superfat. Superfat soaps are on the rise. Quite understandable, because of the high nurturing properties.

Cleansing and caring

Miracles by Stella is based on the use of essential oils and we were looking for a way to produce soaps with optimal effect. All ingredients used in our soaps are ‘cold processed’. It is precisely by not heating the ingredients that all the active ingredients are optimally retained. On the basis of this technique, we have succeeded in developing a shampoo and a soap for the entire body which not only have a cleansing effect, but also care for the skin (of the head) and the hair, and smell wonderful too. The Sweet Body Soap smells of lavender and the Delicious Hair Soap of fresh lemongrass.

Natural Foam

Miracles by Stella soaps are remarkable for their fine lather, because although foam is perceived as ‘luxury’ by consumers, foam usually indicates the use of synthetic materials. This is certainly not the case with the Miracles by Stella soaps. The soap gives off a beneficial lather during use, because a specific combination of natural, essential oils has been chosen.

Love for yourself and the planet

Our soaps are sustainably packaged in compostable greaseproof paper. This paper ensures that the quality of the oils and soaps remain in excellent condition. The use of each bar of soap is equivalent to the contents of five (!) bottles of shower gel or shampoo. This way the soap prevents throwing away a lot of plastic and the use of liters of water. Thus, you also contribute to the planet with the use of your soap. How lovely is that?

100% natuurlijke bodybars terugvettend

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